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The Power of Molnify

optimised From Zero to Hero

Turn your spreadsheets into online applications in minutes. No programming needed.

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powerfull Excel Skills

You only need to know Excel or Google Sheets to create state of the art web applications.

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website Reach Worldwide

Securely share your application with colleagues, collaborators and customers around the world.

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Molnify Use Cases

Business Case

Build complex data models in Excel or Google Sheets and visualize them using Molnify. Let the user alter the assumptions and visualize the effect.

  • Beautiful Charts

    Molnify automatically selects the most appropriate chart for displaying your data, such as bar, line, pie and waterfall charts.

  • Save Scenario

    Easily add the functionality of saving data as a specific scenario. You can later simply load or share this set of presets.


Sales Tool

Build a complete sales application.

  • Signature

    Let your customer sign the order and store it.

  • Email and Google Sheets

    Easily have Molnify send an order confirmation to your client and insert a row in your company's Google Sheets order spreadsheet.

Get Started in Three Easy Steps

Choose a Template

Start from a template, modify it and make it your own.

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Register for a trial account and create your Molnify app.

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Your app is now online and you can easily share and update it.


Select a price model that fits your needs

  • basic-plan

    Try out all standard features of Molnify free of charge for one month.

    Price per Month
    Freefor one month
  • basic-plan

    Create powerful applications and share them with the world.

    Price per Month
    200 EURper app
  • star-plan

    Fully integrate Molnify with your data infrastructure and embed it on your website.

    Price per Month
    500 EURper app
  • vpn

    Unlimited number of applications, on-premise hosting and more.

    Price per Month
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Key Features

  • No Programming Skills

    No coding skills are needed. Just color your input cells green, your output cells red and you're good to go!

  • Extensive Formula Support

    Support for all commonly used Excel formulas, such as SUM, COUNTIF, IF/ELSE, SUMPRODUCT, CORREL and many more.

  • Looks Great on Any Device

    Molnify is designed to look awesome on computers, smartphones and tablets.

  • Secure

    All communication between clients and the Molnify back end is secure and encrypted.

  • Integration

    Integrates with third party services via XML and JSON, with no extra coding than what's in the Excel file.

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