An overview of Molnify's off-the-shelf functionality

Excel and Google Sheets Support

Molnify applications can be created in either Excel or Google Sheets. No other software or knowledge is required.

  • More Than 200 Functions

    Molnify supports more than 200 Excel/Sheets functions. These include SUM, COUNTIF, IF/ELSE, SUMPRODUCT, CORREL, and many, many more.

  • App Logic in Excel

    Your application's logic is contained solely in your Excel/Sheets spreadsheet. There are no other dependencies.

Input Elements

Input elements enable your users to interact with your application.

  • Numerous Standard Inputs

    The standard inputs include elements such as text fields, buttons, sliders, dropdown menus and date/time pickers.

  • File Upload

    The file upload input lets your your users upload files, which you can later reference with a URL.

  • Signature

    A signature input enables your users to leave their handwritten signature, which can then be stored as an SVG as part of saving the application's state.

  • Barcode Scanner

    Molnify supports input from a barcode scanner straight into your app.

Output Elements

Output elements are used for displaying results. It can be anything from simple output boxes showing individual values to complex charts.

  • Output Boxes

    Output boxes display values. They can contain logic and formulas, such as =C4*C5, =VLOOKUP(...), =SUM(...), and many more.

  • Charts

    Choose from a number of different chart types to illustrate your data. These include bar, line, pie and waterfall charts.

  • Geo Chart

    A geo chart lets you display your data on a world map.

  • People Matrix

    Use a matrix of people icons to illustrate a number.

  • HTML Panel

    Show literally anything using an HTML panel. Its contents and style are completely up to you.

Data Storage

Molnify can read and write data to a number of data storages - either within Molnify or using a third-party service.

  • Scenario

    Let users save the application's current state as a scenario, which can be private or shared. The state can later be restored.

  • Google Sheets

    Have your application push data into a Google Sheets spreadsheets.

  • SQL Databases

    Run queries on SQL databases and populate your application with the returned data. You may also include an action in your application to inserts data.

  • REDCap

    Molnify supports reading and writing data to a REDCap database.

Data Import and Export

Let your application import and export data.

  • Generate PDFs and Excel Files

    Have your application generate PDFs and Excel files based on templates designed by you.

  • Data Pipeline Automator (DPA)

    Design data processes for automatic data import and export.


Molnify integrates with an ever-growing list of services.

  • Email

    Enable your app to send emails to one or multiple recipients.

  • SMS

    Have your app send text messages to cell phones.

  • JSON and XML

    Integrate with other services by letting your app read and write JSON and XML.

  • Slack and Teams

    Let your app post notifications to Slack and Microsoft Teams.


    Integrate with literally any other API that supports HTTP POST/GET.


All communication between clients and Molnify's servers is secure and encrypted.

  • Secure Sign-in

    Restrict access to your apps to certain users. Molnify supports sign in using email/password, Google accounts, Microsoft accounts (Active Directory) and BankID (available in Sweden).

  • On-Prem Hosting

    For added security and complete control, deploy Molnify within your own organization.

Other Devices

Molnify applications work just as well on a desktop screen as on a mobile device.

  • Responsive

    Molnify applications look great on any device thanks to responsive layout of all elements. Click here for a live preview of a Molnify application on different devices.

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

    Thanks to PWA, your Molnify app can readily be saved as a stand-alone app on an iOS/Android device. You may even configure a custom app icon and splash screen.

Customize Even Further

Your possibilities for customization are almost unlimited.

  • Custom JavaScripts

    Your Molnify app can run custom JavaScript code. Either enter your JavaScript code directly in the Excel file or have us host your code separately.

  • Styling

    Enter CSS code straight into your Excel file to style your app in any way you want. Add your logo and colors.


We are here to help you make the most of Molnify.

  • Extensive Reference Guide

    All of Molnify's functionality is documented in the Reference Guide.

  • YouTube Tutorials

    Lots of tutorial videos on building apps are available on YouTube.

  • Email and Telephone Support

    Don't hesitate to contact us.